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Dreamcatcher and ... Power Objects. How to clean and program your Dreamcatcher

by Monica soriano 27 Jul 2020 2 Comments


There is a famous legend that many years ago the Ojibwa tribe received a message from a spirit in the form of a spider. This spiritual spider taught them how to weave the web of life, the dreamcatcher. Thus, this sacred object passed from generation to generation representing the wisdom that the grandmother spider or spider woman transmitted to them that day.


What is an object of power?

The Dreamcatcher is not a mere ornament, I like to consider that a dreamcatcher is a sacred object of power.

"The power object is a natural and active form capable of accumulating, regenerating and transmitting energy. It is determined by body, structure and conductivity and can take various forms. It can be a talisman, a crystal, a piece of clothing, a sign or a painting." Oleg Cherne

Thus we understand that any object can be an object of power, as long as it serves to accumulate energy and transmit it. An object of power is also a material object in which we place all our faith, it reminds us of our spiritual origin, it inspires us and with it we feel special and protected.


How does the dreamcatcher work as a power object?

For the people of Ojibwa, according to legend, the dreamcatcher was an intermediary between the dream world and the waking state. To understand the legend in depth, it is necessary to understand their entire worldview and their way of seeing and feeling life and spiritual dimensions.

The dreamcatcher was then in charge of filtering dreams and protecting the sleeping person from "bad" dreams, or rather, from the negativity contained in them, and was also used for the visions of the whole tribe.


What does the Dreamcatcher do?

The dreamcatcher can be understood as a protection or as an incentive to remember dreams, and above all, messages from the spiritual world, which could be good omens for the future of the community.

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How to activate Dream Catcher and make it work?

If you are thinking of acquiring a dreamcatcher to protect you or to inspire you in the dream world, it can be a good idea, and I recommend that when you have it in your possession, hang some object of your belongings that you love very much, or that you feel is an inspiration and a protection for you. In this way, you will be enhancing the effect of the dreamcatcher as an object of personal power and you will be programming it to protect you and help you in everything you need.

I also recommend that you use the power of intention by doing a small meditation with your dreamcatcher in your hand, asking it in a very concrete way, the visions you would like to have, the messages you would like to receive, or the help you hope to find in your dreams and when you wake up, without moving, take pencil and paper and write down everything that comes to your mind about your dreams.

Have great faith in the methods you choose to charge, program or clear your dreamcatcher. Remember that the wisdom and love of the entire universe is within you and what you feel is good for you is perfect as you perceive it. The only way that something you do for your own good doesn't work is if you don't have enough faith, and that happens because you don't believe in your own spiritual power.


Before saying goodbye I will leave you one last recommendation, this is something I do.


Take a stick of Palo Santo or a bundle of White Sage and smoke your dreamcatcher by thinking and asking within it for the transmutation of all negative energies that the dreamcatcher may absorb. This will free it from any debris or negative charge it may have left from other people on its way to you. It is also very nice to hang a little bag with your intentions, wishes or dreams for the next 3 months and renew it after that period. At the same time you can make a check list of what has been accomplished and what has not. It is important to analyze if what has not yet been fulfilled may be related to some unconscious obstacle or self-boycott.

Many Blessings for your dreams !! ✨🙌✨

Please comment and share your thoughts on the power of the dreamcatcher. And if you have any questions do not hesitate to express them, we love reading your comments and answering them all !!

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30 Mar 2023 Monica Soriano

Hello Sylvia, yes, we have indeed verified that dream catchers help babies and children a lot to sleep and not feel afraid, they don’t have nightmares either, at least my children suffered a lot from nightmares and not anymore with their dream catchers. I feel that one can charge them with protective and healing energy, ask for rest, they serve as a bridge to connect us with our spiritual guides and teachers and because of their natural materials and semi-precious stones they vibrate high and generate an atmosphere of calm and joy. The faith that one puts in is also very important, that’s why they work so well with children, they never doubt that something they don’t see protects and cares for them. Thanks for your comment!!!!

28 Jul 2021 Sylvia

I have a 14 month old who is having night terrors. Do you think a dream catcher would help her get a good nights sleep because at present she can wake up to 3-4 times in the night and scream for about half an hour before going back to sleep

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