Copy of About Us - Our history

About us?

We are Matías Della Roscia and Mónica Soriano, artisans passionate about art and colors and inspired by nature.

ArMoniZar, Spirit-Art Workshop was born in 2003 as a small artisan stall in Buenos Aires that later grew over the years and moved to Córdoba, Argentina.

At first, we sold handicrafts only in detail at an artisan stand.

Already living in Córdoba we toured places with our dream catchers and so we began to sell wholesale.

Along the way we created a blog where we showed some photos of our dream catchers and the first online sales to locals emerged.

In 2011 we launched the sale of didgeridoos and lamps. And at those times we also met Andrea, our first assistant, who is still part of the team and is dedicated to networking.

The models were refined over time until reaching a very high quality.

In 2018 we had our first sale on the handmade Etsy platform and in just two months we were already in need of another assistant. Celeste came to the rescue and helps us with the final assembly of the designs, in our workshop in Capilla del monte.

In 2019 the orders were overwhelmed so we also decided to add a third member to the team, Edgardo, who would help us with the packaging and paqueshing.

We are currently, then, five people working on custom orders, which are mostly made to order and travel the world.


Why we create ArMoniZar

The development of ArMoniZar was the realization of one of our most cherished dreams, one of those that we had caught in the web of our lives and had well in sight to put a new grain of sand every day. To reach the long-awaited goal: to live from what we love to do.

Along the way we encountered many barriers, everything seemed so gigantic and unattainable.

We had to fight against many of our own and social prejudices. In our country it is still not well seen to dedicate oneself to art and many consider that it is impossible to live from that.

Today we can really say that we have put our ideals into practice, and we have achieved it.

With effort, of course. But an effort full of satisfaction and certainty that we are being completely faithful to ourselves and to our internal vision.

We did not want to settle for a way of life that did not fully represent us and we had a deep need to express our true potential so as not to end our days with the feeling that if we had encouraged ourselves, perhaps we would have succeeded.


Our dream of freedom:

We are so happy that we have found the way to not have to settle for living an unsatisfactory life! For having been able to give priority to the fulfillment of our heart's desires.

Today we feel that we are freer even than we had dreamed of. It is a very real freedom that is based on fulfilling all dreams and being happy. In having the ability to make decisions and take them to action.

A peace-carrying action. The peace of knowing that we are doing what we came here to do in this life. The peace of observing how things are magically happening around us every time we take a step that was born from a dream.

How the runes (Celtic oracle) say:

"In this life, more than doers, we are decisive when the decision is clear, what has to be done becomes easy"


How we start our venture

The first thing we did was sit down and think: what things do I enjoy doing? and the answers were art, design, photography, traveling, writing, music, delicate manual work, detail, colors, mandalas, the Spirit.

So our workshop is an art-spirit workshop. because we cannot conceive art in our personal experience without the influence of our true Being, our Spirit. At the same time, we cannot access the inner connection without the integration of some of the art forms.

But in the physical world it is necessary to live with our feet on the ground or with roots well rooted. Achieve a healthy balance between abundance and spirituality, which are actually the same, Energy.

With the inner connection to our inner Guide we can see the path clearly and relax as we walk along it knowing that we are part of something greater that is inexhaustible and always available to us.

When we feel happiness, happiness and joy, we realize that these are good signs, that they indicate to us: if it is out there! That is the way.

It was not easy to reach these conclusions we stumbled and fell many times but in each fall we feel gratitude, because there is no blow that has not brought us a redirecting shock, and has given us the push to make the most difficult decisions.


The growth of ArMoniZar

Since our creations are personalized, we have a strong contact with our clients, we have received criticism that has taught us and forced us to ask ourselves questions, they have been a great contribution that has always helped us to grow even more and further improve our work.

But luckily the vast majority of comments have always been positive and full of love that is why we collect them as a great treasure, they are the reviews of our clients.

Every time we receive a review, our hearts fill with emotion, because we feel that we are fulfilling our goal of bringing harmony, inspiration, healing and happiness to other lives.

That is why the current challenge is to work the dialogue channels, we have incorporated the WhatsApp button on our website, a clearer contact page, and review systems in all our sales channels. For now the most nourished is Etsy but soon we will also begin to receive your comments on our website, which is like our home, the heart of our brand, where we can express clearly and without limitations all that we are and have to share.


Our Challenges

We are completely self-taught we love to research and learn, we are testing and we are perfecting over and over again, more and more. Not only in the artistic techniques of our creations or in the designs of the models, but also in the photographs and the development of social networks, online stores and blog.

When we incorporated online sales, a great door opened for us and what was a small project until then quickly transformed into an enterprise capable of giving a stable livelihood to three families.

Every day we work we feel more and more happiness we strive so that everything is perfect, impeccable and that it fulfills its primary purpose: to bring well-being and happiness to those who choose us.

Thanks to all who follow us on all the networks, to all who left us incredible reviews, full of love and photos showing us how our creations look in their homes, offices, etc. To this incredible team of connected and creative people who support us every day to make all this possible.

And thanks to our 3 children

who are the engine of our lives


Thanks 🙏