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This Earth Tone, dreamcatcher wall art, is designed with great love and respect, inspired by the original designs of the Objiwas, achieving a dreamcatcher of natural willow wood with colored feathers that alludes to current therapies, which highlight the importance of color in our environment.

This Dreamcatcher is great for earthy decor, children's room, or spiritual art.


🌈 On request in all colors!
💎 Stones of choice

This customizable dreamcatcher is, without a doubt, an ornament that helps us connect with the origin of our being, helps us to vibrate harmony and to reinforce our intuitive and divination skills, as well as to have clearer dreams and remember them to access the important information that our soul has to give us. Ideal for custom chakra meditation, energy healing, hanging decoration for children.

Furthermore, a dreamcatcher always helps us connect with the sacred and perfect wisdom that our ancestors have managed to maintain and share and that today helps us reconnect with the source or the Great Spirit.

You can personalize this bohemian Terracotta design from Dreamcatchers with the colors and stones that inspire, protect and help you.

The elements used in this design are of natural origin, the thread is waxed cotton and the feathers are rooster and the natural marabou dyed in an artisan way (without harming the animals).

The beads are seeds, pods, stones, wood, and other items collected by us, as well as wooden beads painted in colors in tune with the design.

We work with love and creativity in the designs so that each one is special, unique and unrepeatable. From this particular place on earth that is Capilla del Monte, Córdoba, Argentina, where we are surrounded by UFOs, ascended masters, angels and a very strong spiritual culture that fills us with energy.


1- Length: 50 to 60 cm / 19 to 23 inches (counting feathers)
Diameter: 20 cm / 8 - 9 inches (the web)

2- Length: 30 cm / 11 inches (counting feathers)
Diameter: 15 cm / 6 inches (the web)

3- Length: 80 cm / 31 inches (counting feathers)
Diameter: 40 cm / 15 inches (the web)

Colors: choice (we have them all!)

- Feathers: natural and imported from Gallo and Marabú, dyed by hand or natural.

- Stones: choice, we have: blue obsidian, calcite optics, quartz crystal, green quartz, orange and gold calcite, citrine, agate, amethyst, white quartz, quartz smoke, Armenian obsidian, green obsidian, jadeite, sodalite, fluorite rainbow, rose quartz, quartz with peridot, quartz with tourmaline, tourmaline and more. Or choose your favorite stone.

It is shipped carefully packed in a well protected box, does not break.

It is ideal to make a beautiful and striking gift.


- The Legend of the Dreamcatcher
- Information about its deep meaning.
- Detail of the stones included in the design, as well as their specific properties.


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