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Mandala table wood lamps made of American agave wood, openwork and hollowed by hand.

American agave wood comes from its floral stem that gives us beautiful natural designs, streaks and colors that can be seen through protective paint.

The 100% handmade work of these lamps includes the treatment in several stages of the wood inside and out and invisible reinforcements that prevent cracks. Therefore, they are resistant to changes in temperature and climate, and also to humidity.

The fabric of the mandalas (dream catcher) is handmade with high quality waxed thread, it does not deform or get dirty.

These lamps are ideal as a night light for children, for a bed or altar table. The intensity of the lighting depends on the lamp used.

The base is solid wood.


Height: 22 cm / 9 inches
Width: 14.5 cm / 6 inches
Thickness: 1cm / 0.4 inch

Colors: customizable

Does not include a bulb

Type of plugs available:

We have type A, C and I plugs. If you want to buy one of our lamps, but we don't have your connection type, let us know. We can send it without any plug, so you can connect the one you need when you receive the lamp.

Ask us any questions that may arise and if you need another color, we can do it upon request.

INCLUDES EXPLANATORY BROCHURE about the agave maguey, sacred plant of the Maya and the dreamcatcher, sacred amulet of the Lakotas.

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Mandala table wood lamps, Natural tones, Customizable chakra

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Mandala Colors:
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