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This natural rocks dream catcher white, 8" natural feathers home decor, made with waxed cotton thread, wood and stone beads, collected natural feathers (no damage to animals) and beautiful semi-precious stones.

The stones used in the glass dream catcher of the photographs are: Quartz Crystal Point in the middle of the net and Black Tourmalinated Quartz hanging at the bottom of the dream catcher.

We knit the net in a willowwood hoop as indicated by the legend of the dream catcher, which we handmade by hand in a completely handmade way.

This beautiful dream catcher white ivory is ideal for decorating spaces, and filling in harmony some atmosphere of the house or office.

We choose Quartz Crystal Point for design because it is one of the minerals that has more benefits. Collect energy, power, amplify it and direct it where you want. It is widely used to heal and eliminate negative energies. White quartz has similar characteristics to crystal quartz and also, because it has tourmaline, it also gives us powerful protection.

Your purchase includes:

Legend of the Dream catcher
The deep meaning of the mandala that forms a network
Properties of the stones included in the design


This white quartz dream catcher crystalr can be made to order in all colors and with stones of your choice.

Available stones: Amethyst, Citrine, Obsidian, Calcites green, blue, orange, yellow, optical and Uritorco; Tourmaline, Crystal, white and green quartz, garnet, Blue onyx, Selenite, Fluorite, fuchsite, agate, sodalite and more. Consult for other stones.


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Natural rocks dream catcher white ivory wall hanging

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