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This Little 6 Inch 3-D Mobile Dream Catcher is a very inspired and natural model. We made it, like all our Dream Catchers, with Willow wood since they were originally made that way, inspired by the beautiful designs of the Native Americans but with a three-dimensional effect that shows how the network maintains its perfect symmetry despite the crazy shape within which it is woven.

Ideal for Willow ornament with healing energy stones and to give to yoga lovers

This small ceiling mobile with personalized quartz, consists of two interlocking rings achieving this spherical shape. We decorate it with natural feathers of rooster and marabou dyed by hand, wooden beads collected from the mountain of Córdoba, Argentina. Maderitas painted in colors in tune with the design In the center of the sphere hangs a large and striking semi-precious stone that we choose according to the chosen color combination.

Colors: as in the main photo, blue green or a choice (we have all !!)

- Feathers: Imported natural Rooster and Marabou dyed by hand or natural.

- Stones of your choice: We select them according to the design or we color your favorite stone. We have: Blue Obsidian, Optical Calcite, Crystal Quartz, Green Quartz, Orange Calcite, Citrine, Agate, Amethyst, White Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Armenian Obsidian, Green Obsidian, Jadeite, Sodalite, Rainbow Fluorite, Pink Quartz, Peridot Quartz, Quartz with Tourmaline, Tourmaline and more. Or choose your favorite stone.

It is shipped carefully packed in a well protected box, it does not break.

It is ideal to make a beautiful and striking gift or as a natural aboriginal ornament


- Legend of the Dreamcatcher
- Information about its deep meaning
- Detail of the Stones included in the design as well as their specific properties

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Small three-dimensional mobile dream catcher, blue green with natural feathers, Willow

Principal Colors:
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