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We are Matías Della roscia and Mónica Soriano, artisans passionate about art and colors and inspired by nature.

We are passionate about traveling and exploring. In all our travels we find treasures that we collect and use in our designs.

Native cultures have left us an invaluable legacy that we study and live in day to day. Contact with nature is healing for human beings and is what helps us stay connected to our true origin.

Stones, feathers and wood are elements that Mother Earth gives us and with which human beings have sustained their lives since ancient times. To be able to combine these elements in an piece of art with so much history and wisdom, is for us a journey towards our spiritual connection, our connection with ourselves, our ancestors and with the Whole or Great Spirit.

That's how it all started and grew...

ArMoniZar, Spirit-Art Workshop was born in 2003 as a small artisan stall in

Buenos Aires that later grew over the years and moved to Córdoba, Argentina.

At the beginning, we sold handicrafts in a stall. Where day by day the dream catchers became the star.

Already living in Cordoba we traveled places with our dream catchers and so we began to sell them wholesale.

Along the way we created a blog where we showed some pictures of our creations and the first online sales to stores all over the country.

The whole start-up was growing and soon we needed help to be able to prepare so many orders! We are now a team of several people working, all dedicated to keep a stock of dream catchers ready to go out and others ready to customize! We get them ready quickly thanks to teamwork, and within a few days, they are in their new homes all around the world.

The growth of ArMoniZar allowed us to reach a new level of work and service, where we are not only benefiting ourselves, we also have the satisfaction of being able to give work to other people too, something that is very important in our country.

We like to work in an ethical and sustainable way: 

We only work with suppliers that offer us the highest quality but with the lowest possible environmental impact. All our sales are online and mostly abroad, to ensure a stable profitability and thus be able to give work to more people, because when abundance is shared, it multiplies. We are like a big family and that is the most important thing for us. 


We love working with feathers because we feel that we are giving a new utility and revaluation to a material that would otherwise be thrown away or accumulated generating pollution. How beautiful feathers are!

Birds molt all their feathers, and there are hundreds of them!, several times throughout the year. So the farms we work with gather them by hand, especially for us and so they make a nice extra profit and thus, also, value their animals much more.


Our packaging is made of recycled and recyclable material. And the shipping company claims to strive to work in a way that reduces carbon emissions.


The stones are authentic semi-precious ones, and this is very important to us. Many are purchased from direct importers with whom we share these principles. Other stones are collected personally from abandoned deposits in the interior of our country. Many can be collected from the ground, because they simply surface in specific places. And we love to travel and explore.


We prefer raw stones and avoid plastic, imitation or polished ones. When we include polished ones it is because we have not been able to get their raw version or because they were naturally worked by nature, such as sea and river stones.


We manufacture the hoops and structures with Willow wood exclusively. We take the time to travel long distances to prune the willows, which are mostly found in private homes. So this provides a relief also for the neighbors, who otherwise have to have the willows pruned so that they do not touch the wires or before they shed their leaves. Thus we prevent this sacred material from going to the garbage and give a new use to this wood so precious to us. The trees are strengthened and remain healthy, and I believe, in gratitude, they grow more and more.


Why did we create ArMoniZar?

The development of ArMoniZar was the realization of one of our most cherished dreams, one of those that we had trapped in the web of our life and we had well defined, to put every day a new grain of sand. To reach the longed-for goal: to make a living from what we love to do.

On the way we encountered many barriers, everything seemed so gigantic and unattainable.

We had to fight against our own and social prejudices. In our country it is still frowned upon to dedicate oneself to art and many consider it impossible to make a living from it.

Today we can truly say that we have put our ideals into practice, and we have succeeded.

Through effort, of course. But an effort filled with the satisfaction that we are being completely true to ourselves and our inner vision.

We do not want to settle for a way of life that does not fully represent us and we have a deep need to express our true potential, lest we end our days with the feeling that if we had been encouraged, perhaps we would have succeeded....

Our dream of freedom:

We are so happy to have found a way to not have to settle for living an unsatisfactory life! For having been able to give priority to the fulfillment of our dreams.

Today we feel that we are even freer than we had dreamed. It is a very real freedom that is based on fulfilling all our dreams and being happy. In having the ability to make decisions and put them into action.

An action that brings peace. The peace of knowing that we are doing what we came here to do in this life. The peace of observing how things magically happen around us, every time we take a step that was born from a dream.

As the runes (Celtic oracle) state
"In this life, rather than being doers, we are deciders
When the decision is clear, what is to be done becomes easy."


How did we start our Entrepreneurship?

Our workshop is an art-spirit one. Because we cannot conceive of art in our personal experience without the influence of our true Self, our Spirit. At the same time, we cannot access the inner connection without the integration of some of the art forms.

But in the physical world it is necessary to live with our feet on the ground or with our roots well rooted. Achieving a healthy balance between abundance and spirituality, which are really the same thing, Energy.

With the connection to our inner Guide we can see the path clearly and relax as we walk it knowing that we are part of something bigger that is inexhaustible and always available to us.

When we feel happiness and joy, we take them as good signs, telling us: Yes, that's the way!

It was not easy to reach these conclusions, we stumbled and fell many times, but in each fall we felt gratitude, because each blow was a redirecting opportunity that gave us the push to make the most difficult decisions.

The growth of ArMoniZar

Since our creations are customized, we have a strong contact with our customers, we have received reviews that have taught us and forced us to ask questions, they have been a great contribution that has always helped us to grow even more and improve our work.

But luckily most of the comments have always been positive and full of affection, that's why we collect them as a great treasure, these are the reviews of our customers.

Thank you for reading me!!! I hope our experience will inspire you towards the realization of all your dreams!!! Let's keep catching them, they are a great treasure. 

And thanks to our 3 children

who are the engine of our lives


Thanks 🙏