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Models Guide - Dreamcatcher ArMoniZar - All Our Compared Models

by Monica soriano 29 Nov 2022 0 Comments

Dreamcatchers are sacred aboriginal objects originating from the natives of North America.

The dream catcher net is a very special mandala with great deep meaning. It has appeared in all the cultures of the world and represents so much deep and spiritual information given that it has sacred geometry and numerical codes, this was what inspired my venture.

The idea of ​​weaving this net over and over again and creating amazing three-dimensional shapes with the branches of the willow.

The Willow is an equally sacred tree, full of symbolism as well as magical and therapeutic uses.

All this combined with the power of semi-precious stones makes our dream catchers an ideal object for healing, love, abundance, health, or whatever you want to manifest.

I feel that our dream catchers can become a bridge to empower us and believe in ourselves. At the same time I think that they can be a source of inspiration to remember who we really are.

Just like our ancestors did, the universe loves symbolic gestures, and to have a dreamcatcher is to have a bunch of little symbolic gestures combined into one object.

They can be a tool to radiate clarity, serenity, connection and harmony.

Acquiring a dreamcatcher is an act of power, is to declare that:

✨ I want to work with my dreams, as the legend says (dream or manifestation).

✨ That I open myself to receive the messages of the beings of light (symbolized with feathers).

✨ That I open to harmonize my body, my spaces and my mind (symbolized in the stones).

✨ I predispose myself to help and wisdom (symbolized by the willow branches)

That I am willing to catch what is good and I open myself to receive it and understand how to preserve it and use it for my highest good

Our Dreamcatcher Models

All models are customizable in terms of colors and stones!

1 - Traditional Dreamcatcher:

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The model that most closely resembles the ancient dreamcatcher. We make them in three sizes: 6 " (15cm), 8" (20cm) and 15 " (40cm). You can get it with dyed feathers or with natural feathers without dyeing


2- 3D dream catcher: 

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This model consists of two rings joined in a cross and the weaving is made between them achieving a three-dimensional orb effect. We made it in three sizes: 6 "(15cm), 8-9" (20-25cm), 15 "(40cm) approximately. Below the orb hangs a small ring woven with a traditional dream catcher. It also has a large central stone. 

3- Double 3D Dreamcatcher:

This Model is very special because each one is unique and has all the magic of the willow tree, since we make it flow with its natural forms achieving very original structures and full of stones. We make them in 2 approximate measurements: 6 "(15cm) and 12" (30cm) wide. The length is proportional to the width.

👉View Complete Collection  

4- Dreamcatcher Wall Collage of 6 Dreamcatchers:

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This model is the most chosen! Because it is ideal for hanging on the wall and it is very beautiful, providing a rustic and natural touch to any environment. 

That we make it in approximately 60cm width

5- Dreamcatcher Wall Collage of 3 Dreamcatchers

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We make it in three sizes: 8 "(20cm) 14" (38cm) and 18-19 "(48-50cm) wide


6- Dreamcatcher Wall Collage of 10 Dreamcatchers: 

And here I present to you our star!!!! The collage of 10 dreamcatchers is a very large model and full of surprises, all the most special pieces!!! Premium feathers and stones of course too, we keep them to assemble these beauties. It measures about 43 inches, approximately 110cm wide, ideal for hanging over the bed or on an armchair.

Would you like to see our dream catchers in detail? I invite you to come to our store where you can also see them on video!!!

👉 If you have questions about the topics covered in this post leave them below in the comment box and they will be answered in the following posts, so as not to miss any of our articles I recommend you subscribe to our blog. Thanks for reading me! A big hug and many blessings for your dreams!

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