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Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the dreamcatchers.
If you have other questions, please just send it to<

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Need Help?

If you have a problem or question that requires immediate assistance, you can click the "Let's Chat" button to chat live with us.

If we're not available, send us an email and we'll get back to you within 20-36 hours.

How to buy?

1) Click on any of our products

2) Display the menu that says Description, it is located under the price.

3) Choose size and color if applicable (in the description you have everything detailed and in the photo carousel you will find a measurement guide and a color guide.

4) Press add to cart, the cart opens where you can see more options, at the bottom 3 buttons, the first is to ADD YOUR PERSONALIZATION, the middle one is to calculate the shipping cost, but you don't need it!! ! all our shipments are free!! and the third is to add a discount coupon if you have it. (you can write FIRSTBUY and a 20% discount will be activated if it is your first purchase!! 🎉

How to customize your dream catchers - ArMoniZar

How to customize your dream catchers - ArMoniZar

In the Add your personalization box you can write specific colors and stones!! or answer the email that will come to you after your purchase, don't worry.

5) You can continue buying and adding to the cart everything you need and then go to the checkout where you must complete the form with all the necessary information so that the package arrives correctly. Your data will be safe and will only be used for shipping purposes.
6) follow the instructions, the system guides you, it's very easy!!

7) After making the purchase, you will receive an email with all the details of the order and you can respond with your personalizations, for your dream catchers, if you wish.


I can help you design the most suitable dream catcher for your needs! Send me an email to , Chat or whatsapp (Direct links below 👇). Dream catchers ready to ship: Choose any of the ones in this section to receive it in 7 days!!! (take into account possible delays due to the high flow of packages in the weeks before Christmas) You have all the details in the descriptions of each product.

Shipments are taking 5 to 10 business days depending on the area

United States 5 business days
Europe: 5-7 business days
Rest of the world: 7 business days

Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for import duties or unexpected delays caused by customs or postal services.

We cannot deliver to POBOX mailboxes because it is private mail. Please provide your telephone number so that the transport company can contact you in case you are not at home.

Yes! You can enter the honoree's address and full name. You can also send a phrase by email to that we will send you inside the printed package. All Dreamcatchers come with a very nice gift wrap (because even if you buy it for yourself, it's a self-gift, right?) and a booklet with the details of the meanings, legend of the dreamcatcher and stones included in the design. Please add your email and your phone to the order for the transport company and to receive all the data of the purchase and tracking of the shipment.

No, we work to order and we will do it in a few days as close as possible to the main photo of each ad (All the models you see in our store have already been sold!). Can customize feet and colors. Contact us if you don't see the colors you need. Please send photos from your surroundings.

Some of the materials may change slightly because they are extracted from nature and their availability varies depending on the year. But we always replace, in the case of not having, for another of equal or greater value and beauty. If you are not sure, the recommendation is that you request photos before sending, in an attached message you have known request.

❣️For bureaucratic and political reasons we cannot receive returns, so it is very important that you request the photos of your finished dream catcher by mail to: if you are not sure you will like it.


Yes, send us an email to and we will prepare a quote for you so you can buy it, but first check the listing! if you have a dropdown of measures, those have no extra costs.

Our dream catchers are available in different models, material options and sizes, as well as color and stone combinations. To find the perfect option for you. You can send me an email to Chat or whatsapp (Direct links below 👇) so we can talk about your specific needs. Some published products offer color and measurement options in a drop-down menu.

In that case, in the customization tell me for what specific need you want the stones and by message or mail then I can show you and tell you the different properties for you to choose from.

I also recommend that you read our stone guide 

Post purchase

If it is a personalized item, unfortunately not. But it never happened to us that someone does not like the dream catcher! They are all absolutely beautiful! If for any reason you don't like it, please send me an email to so we can fix it. We only make refunds in case of breakage or loss by the transport company and/or customs. In that case, the guarantee covers you, so we will offer to send you another one free of charge, if applicable.

Customization and measurement and color options:

As soon as the order is shipped, we mark it as shipped and attach the tracking number to the order. As soon as the package enters your country, you can track it by clicking on the tracking number that we added to the order. Check your email to find your order. Request help by email to, Chat or whatsapp (Direct links below 👇).