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5 beneficial places to hang your Dream Catcher

by Monica soriano
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5 beneficial places to hang your Dream Catcher

With this post “where to hang your Dream Catcher” I will answer the question that a client asked me after receiving his dream catcher (in USA)




Since I have been researching the origin and meaning of the dream catcher for years, I have many ideas with which to answer this question and I am sure that these 5 ideas of where to hang a dream catcher will serve a lot of people, in addition to my client, who was happy with the answer, by the way😉

In this post I will develop the answer to this so much but so common question that we all ask ourselves when we already have our precious catcher in our hands.

First of all, I want to clarify that for me The Dream Catcher is a sacred object, which I greatly appreciate because it connects me directly with the great wisdom that Native American cultures have kept for centuries, and that by researching and meditating I have concluded that its meaning is very broad and important to the new humanity. That’s what caught me from this ornament and to that end I use it in my life and share it with everyone.


Where did the Native American people hang the dreamcatchers?

The most suitable place for a Dream Catch par excellence is the room where you sleep, since according to the legend, the dream catcher will take care of filtering our dreams so that we can take advantage of them at dawn, you can interpret this as the dream catcher will function as a net that will catch the dreams so that when we wake up we can interpret them and not forget them , some also believe that dream-catching would be helpful by filtering out positive and happy dreams protecting us from nightmares.


How do I use dreamcatchers?

For my part, I like to believe that in addition to all those beautiful functions, the dream catcher also carries a great deep meaning in the Mandala 🕸 bean is formed in its network and also because it is a very beautiful artistic object also helps us to inspire and brings us happiness.

As we have seen in other post each element of the Dream Catcher is important and has its deep meaning so it seems to me that inside the room where you fall asleep is a good place to put it, because it would be where we can see it when we wake up to fill ourselves with art, inspiration and beauty and start the day in a positive way.

I also consider that the Dream Catcher is a mobile and as such, it fulfills the function of moving with the breeze and it could be very useful to place it anywhere in the house that we feel that it needs to reinforce the movement of vital energy, because we know that sometimes vital energy stagnates and generates negativity and disarmonization in that area where it is stagnant, and as we also develop more widely in other posts, according to feng shui it is very important that vital energy is in continuous circulation and mobiles that move in the breeze play a very important function in this regard.

That’s why I step list:


5 places where it could be very beneficial to hang your dream catcher


1- The children’s room: 

children have very deep connections with the Dream Catcher, colors and art. And if we explain that the dream catcher will help them sleep better and avoid nightmares, they will feel safer and more protected. For this purpose many place it in the window, as children tend to think that negative things can enter at night. Then you’ll see it as a barrier that will keep you protected even if Mom and Dad aren’t here.


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2- Your room: 

If you like working with the dream world, the interpretation of dreams and the astral world, the best place will be the room where you sleep, and it is advisable to also have a notebook on the light table where you can write down your dreams. The more attention you pay to this topic, the more frequent your dreams will become and their meanings will be deeper. In other posts we talk about the different types of interpretations and tips for interpreting dreams according to theories of Carl jung and other authors.


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3- The living room or area where you receive visitors:

 if you combine the dream catcher with protective stones and cleanliness this will become a powerful discharge amulet that will help you to keep the energy of the environment clean, will promote harmony and connection between people It is advisable for this purpose the use of light harmonizing colors and not very strident, the appropriate stones would be tourmaline and quartz crystal among many others that we expand in other post. This is why everyone our dream catchers put semi-precious stones on them, we really believe they are essential to enhance their power.

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product reviews by M.Elizabeth
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4- Your work area: 

whether it’s your workshop or your office inside or outside your home, a dream catcher in your workspace will make you focus, get inspired and relax. The most important thing in your work time is that you manage to maintain the connection with your Higher Self and a well-designed dreamcatcher with very spiritual colors and stones, it could be a small moving altar that reminds you at every moment your real and true being, that will make you work with more happiness, faster and in an inspired and positive way. The colors suitable for this purpose should be the ranges of green, white, turquoise and blue, but it depends a lot on what your work is, so I recommend you read the posts where we share the information of the psychological effect of each of the colors.



5- Your meditation area:

 the meditation space should not be missing in your home and like a sacred image, a candle, an incense and energy stones, a dream catcher it would be an excellent connector with your receiving antenna, use the power of the feathers to connect with the energies and your Superior Self🙏. This is the highest utility given by Native Americans to dreamcatchers.



Therefore, wherever you feel that a touch of harmony, inspiration or protection is necessary your dream catcher should go.


👉 If you have questions about the topics covered in this post leave them below in the comment box and they will be answered in the following posts, so as not to miss any of our articles I recommend you subscribe to our blog. Thanks for reading me! A big hug and many blessings for your dreams!

by Monica soriano



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