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Physical Health and Spiritual Healing with the help of Dream Catchers

by Monica soriano
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Physical Health and Spiritual Healing with the help of Dream Catchers

Physical Health and Spiritual Healing with the help of Dreamcatchers: Answering questions from our clients


Hi I really love your dream catchers and I was wondering what does healing mean, what kind of healing can I get? Do you have to perform healing?

This question seemed very interesting to me and synchronously a few days ago I have been receiving the expanded answer, and I think it can be of help to everyone.

There are 4 factors that have to come together for a disease to manifest itself.

1 - A genetic predisposition

2 - A poorly balanced and / or healthy diet

3 - Negative emotions causing low vibration

4 - Limiting beliefs regarding health and illness


In holistic medicine these four factors are worked on equally without leaving out any of them. And they work in parallel.


  • Doing well the job of improving the lifestyle to lead a more organic, balanced and healthier diet, managing to keep the body as alkaline as possible.


  • Incorporate endorphin-generating habits such as exercise and contact with nature.


  • Work on the emotional acceptance and transformation of everything that is causing us to live in conflict, achieving a gradual emotional healing and cleaning of negativity, complaint, frustration, etc.


  • Work on reversing all beliefs that limit health and physical well-being. Beliefs such as: when getting older the ailments begin or, the grandmother died of cancer x, so I will suffer from cancer x. Etc. Etc. All that is in your mind, it is not the truth, not even if the doctor says it. There are many people who "mysteriously" manage not to inherit diseases.


  • For genetic predisposition, what is recommended is to perform transgenerational therapy and / or family constellations to prevent and untie all family patterns and pacts. You are not obliged to repeat the history of your ancestors.


Our body is a perfect machine...

Thinking of all these things we design and assemble all our dream catchers. As we are holistic therapists, we infuse them with Reiki and Deeksha energy that we channel towards each one of them. In addition to all, we always incorporate semi-precious stones, which also play a very leading role in helping healing. Not only the physical body, they can also be programmed to help us rest better, concentrate, study, meditate, amplify our spiritual awakening, heal relationships, etc. If you do Dreamcatcher you can also do them always thinking about these things.

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Designing Dream Catchers for Distant Healing:

This dreamcatcher that I show you was designed with all these factors in mind. Green colors generate a feeling of balance, wisdom, well-being and spiritual connection. That is why it is good to surround yourself with nature.

The stones are known for their mental and emotional healing properties and help with physical problems and illnesses. You must connect with them and observe how they grow and change as they absorb everything that you have programmed for them or what is in the environment around you.

The feathers, which move in the slightest breeze, help you to remove and clean the space around you. Remember that shamans use them to cleanse the Aura and Chakras in clean energy.

When you make a Dreamcatcher to give as a gift, you can impregnate it with any healing energy that you handle and if you are not a therapist, you can also intend it thinking about the person being honored, so that your art becomes a bridge between the spiritual world and the life of your beings. dear.

Now, let's connect, ✨🙏✨ Which of these 4 points do you feel you need to adjust? or which of them could be affecting your health in some way? Do you believe that an object can become a bridge between you and your "Divinity" (or whatever you call it)?

by Monica soriano


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