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ArMoniZar - Stone Guide to enhance and customize your Dreamcatcher

by Monica soriano
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ArMoniZar - Stone Guide to enhance and customize your Dreamcatcher

ArMoniZar - Stone Guide to enhance and customize your Dreamcatcher

We really believe that stones greatly enhance, not only the beauty of each specimen, but also the healing potential of each one of them.

One of the most exciting features of our designs is the presence of Semiprecious Stones in all of them.

Crystals or gems are Beings and have life, they even grow and change over time, we could say that like everything that exists in nature, they have a soul. They also therefore have a purpose and power to help transit and awaken humanity on this planet.

The precious stones come from the depth of the earth and according to what gemotherapy studies they have the power to absorb, accumulate and transform energy.

Taking deep contact with a stone, charging it with our energy and even asking for its help can bring us enormous relief.

As Judy Hall states in "The Bible of Crystals" the more you understand about crystals, the more effective they will be. (...) since crystals are powerful in their own right, you must approach them with respect. If you do, they will be happy to cooperate with you.

One of its major functions is to absorb and transmute negative energy. They work by resonance and vibration.

Compressing them can produce electricity and sometimes light, that is why they are used in ultrasonic machines.

Crystals have an internal geometry. At the heart of the crystal is the atom with its electrons and protons. The atom is dynamic and is made up of a series of particles that rotate around the center in constant motion. So although externally the crystal may appear immobile, it is actually a living molecular mass that vibrates at a certain frequency. This is what gives the crystal its energy.

Here we give you access to an album where you can see the stones that we are going to present to you below in real photos taken from our Dreamcatchers.

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Crystal properties

Next we will focus on the properties that Crystals give us by placing them near us or in our environments. I share this information because crystals have changed my life and have always been with me, time and again I can see their enormous potential. They are a teacher to me and an enhancer of my own inner faculties. They help me connect with myself and honor my own existence on the material plane.



They provide balance for all areas. Harmonizes ying-yang forces. Self-confidence. Overcoming Emotional Trauma. Powerful cleaner. Aura stabilizer. Internal stability.



Protects from Psychic Attack. Natural tranquilizer. Overcoming Addictions. Concentration. Meditation. Spiritual intuition for decision making. Insomnia. Recurring nightmares. Go to. Anxiety. Remembering and understanding dreams. Spiritual Wisdom. Psychic gifts. Connect bodies with the spiritual. Useful for psychiatric problems, avoid use in cases of paranoia or schizophrenia. Throat Chakras (5) and Crown (7).



Earthly. Settles energies. Root Chakra. Help delegate. Re-connect with the earth. It helps to establish and connect with your own body. Helps in illness. Nerves. Anxiety. Focus. Flexibility. Combat restlessness at night.



Cleanses and amplifies energies. When used in its full color spectrum it cleanses subtle bodies. Spiritual stone, awareness opening, psychic abilities. Canalization. Astral departure. Accelerator of spiritual development. Emotional Intelligence. Hope. Motivation. Against Sloth. Mental relaxation, discernment, analysis, Memory. Stone to Study. Emotional Serenity. Balancing and energizing chakras according to color.

In addition to the generic attributes, calcites have additional properties according to their color.


Green calcite:

Mind. Mental balance, dissolution of rigid beliefs. Help Childs.


Blue Calcite:

For recovery and relaxation processes. Lower blood pressure. Helps in pain, nerves, anxiety, negative emotions. Throat, communication. (Chakra 5).


Golden or Yellow Calcite:

Meditation. Connection with higher planes (chakra 3 and 7), mental alertness, stabilization and connection with the higher mind.


Calcite Orange:

Energizing. Cleaner. Lower chakras. Against depression and fear. Reproductive system and intestine.


Uritorco calcite, light calcite:

It is a stone heals everything. Clean and align all the Chakras.



Helps calm and meditate. It favors communication at home. It helps to accept changes with serenity and brings internal strength. Helps in difficult relationships by stabilizing and healing. Calms, cleanses and re-energizes all the Chakras and aligns them with the divine. Helps deal with feelings like guilt and grief. Reverse destructive emotional programming. It improves communication but helps to discern when to be silent. Psychic vision. Internal balance. Trust. Self knowledge. Personal power, creativity. Overcoming phobias.



Cleaner and regenerator. Incorporate the power of the sun. Warmth, Creativity, Energy. It absorbs, transmutes, and grounds negative energy. It does not need cleaning. Great protection of the environment. Energize every level of life. Cleanses all the Chakras, especially the solar plexus (chakra 3). Activates the crown chakra and opens the intuition. Stone of Abundance. It teaches how to manifest and attracts success and good things. Radiate Joy. Against sadness and negativity. Ideal for very busy environments. Raises self-esteem. Dispel destructive tendencies. Protection against criticism. Positivity Emotional balance. Vigor.



Great Protection. Cut the psychic manipulation. It helps to discern when external influences are operating within you. Cleanses and stabilizes the aura. Effective against electromagnetic radiation. It is the best crystal to overcome any form of dis-organization. Accelerator of spiritual awakening. Provides Stability in groups uniting them in a common objective. Provides structure to daily life. Overcoming Chaos. Resolution of repressed feeling. Mental disorders. Ideal for students because it helps to incorporate and retain new information. Mental concentration.



Energizing and regenerating. Clean the chakras. Elevation of the Kundalini energy. Sexuality. Commitment. Protection. Ideal for crisis or traumatic moments. Brings strength, courage, and hope. Pituitary gland: memory of past lives, expanded consciousness. Dissolves ingrained behavior patterns helps overcome resistance and self-sabotage. Release of inhibitions and taboos. New ideas. Self-confidence.


Clear quartz or crystal:

It is the most powerful energy healer and amplifier on the planet for its unique helical crystalline shape. Found all over the world, it absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy and is excellent for unlocking it. Bring the energy to the most perfect state possible. Protects against radiation, releases electromagnetism, and dissipates static electricity. Tune in to the specific energy requirements for each person. Cleanses the organs and connects the physical dimension with the mind. It acts on all levels of being, storing information like a computer. It has the ability to dissolve karmic seeds. It enhances psychic abilities, connects with the purpose of life. In meditation dispel distractions. Powerful receiver of programming. Concentration and memory. Harmonize all the Chakras.


In addition to the generic attributes, quartz has additional properties according to its color.



It is supportive as we learn the lessons, it helps to let go of overwhelming responsibilities and limitations. Overcoming abuses. Overcoming feeling of being a victim or a martyr. Alignment so as not to attract abusive situations. Link with previously denied wisdom in yourself and by society.


Green Quartz:

Opens and stabilizes the heart chakra. Inspire Creative Energy. Helps the endocrine system. Transmute negative energy.


Blue Quartz:

Helps connect with others and alleviate fear. The mind cries out, favors the understanding of the spiritual world.


Pink quartz:

Stone of Unconditional Love and infinite Peace. The most important for the heart and the Heart Chakra. Self Love. Deep emotional healing. Special for trauma or crisis. It attracts relationships and restores harmony to existing relationships. Empathy, sensitivity, acceptance of changes. Release unexpressed sorrows and emotions. It teaches to love oneself in order to receive love and love. Boost positive affirmations. Ideal for midlife crisis. Sorry. Self acceptance. Self esteem. Self-confidence.


Smoky Quartz:

Anchor, settle and raise vibrations during meditation. Protective stone with a strong relationship with the earth and the lower Chakras. Ideal to endure difficult moments. Antidote to stress. Absorbs electromagnetic mist. Fill the environments with positive vibration. Helps protect the Earth Chakra and its rooted cord. Relieves fear and depression. Relieves suicidal tendencies and ambivalence regarding incarnation. Cleanses the Base Chakra (chakra 1) Acceptance of the physical body and sexual nature. Relieves nightmares. Manifestation of dreams. Helps to get clear perceptions. Excellent for treating radiation and chemotherapy related illnesses.



Protection stone. Settles in the physical body. Yang element, balances the meridians. It prevents negative energies from entering the aura. Ideal for shy women because it promotes self-esteem and helps in legal problems. It is a strong stone that roots, imparts confidence and empowers the will. It helps in the unsatisfied desires that move life. Help in addictions. Acceptance of mistakes as learning. Memory. Original thoughts. Medically, it has a great connection to blood.



The Supreme Nurturer. It absorbs negative energies, cleans and aligns the Chakras. Provides peace of mind in times of stress. Unify all aspects of life. Remind people to help each other. Shamanic journeys and memory of dreams. Protection and landing of energies in the body. Clean electromagnetic and environmental pollution. Determination and courage. Authenticity. Organization. Ideal for completing projects. Stimulate the imagination, transform ideas into action. Red: Base chakra. Multicolor: All Chakras.


Black Obsidian:

It is molten lava that has cooled rapidly. It is a stone without borders and fast acting. Power the truth. Thoughtful. It helps us see our flaws, weaknesses, and blocks. It supports us and helps us see the path to improvement. Ideal to use with the guidance of a therapist as it brings to light negative emotions and unpleasant truths. Provides deep healing of the Soul. The powerfully protective. Root by creating a cord from the base chakra to the center of the earth. Absorbs negative energies from the environment and strengthens in times of need. Block psychic attacks and remove negative spiritual influences. Extremely useful for therapists since it not only helps to find the root of the problem, but also clears the negative energies released in the environment. Having obsidian near the bed can calm the mind and promote rest, but it can also show the reasons for stress. It helps us to integrate the shadow. The healing offered by obsidian is permanent since by discovering the root of the conflict, it can be eradicated and it also helps in that process. It is widely used for prophecy and meditation. Provides Self-control.



Very fine vibration. Opens Coronary and Upper Coronary Chakras. Angelic consciousness. Top guide. Links with the body of light and helps to anchor it with the earthly vibration. Deep peace. Excellent for meditation or spiritual work. It can be used to form a protective weft. Wands can unlink entities from the aura. Connect with past lives and help check progress.



It connects to the ground. Helps with spiritual exploration. Crown chakra. Activates psychic abilities and helps to understand the spiritual basis of life. Kundalini energy. Past Lives. Helps to conscientiously direct healing energy to problem areas.



Clean electromagnetic energy. Ideal for computer areas. Ideal for group work. It brings solidarity and trust. Ideal for the mind, it eliminates mental ties and confusion. Allow new information to be received. Emotional balance. Panic attacks.


Onice (or onix):

Force. Support in difficult circumstances of mental stress and confusion. It centers the energy and aligns it with the higher power. Connection with spirit guides. You can show the future with your ability to impart personal energy. Lesson learning. Personal power, self confidence. Stone of memories. Useful for memory of past lives. Gives the valuable gift of making wise decisions.



Delicate. Cosmic consciousness. Psychic and mystical visions. Originality and creativity. Self expression. It helps to understand your own potential. Love Passion. Free from inhibitions. Connect with art. Brings joy of living. It can disperse energy. Use it together with other rooting stones.


Tiger's Eye:

It combines the energies of the earth with the energies of the sun to create a high vibratory state that is nevertheless grounded. Draw spiritual energies down to earth. Talisman against curses and bad wills. Helps achieve goals. it shows the correct use of power and makes us bring out our integrity. Chakra 3 solar plexus and Chakra 6 third eye. It is great for people who do not touch down or who do not commit. Roots and facilitates the manifestation of the will. Anchor the change in the physical body. It integrates the cerebral hemispheres. Practical perception. Information gathering scattered. Resolution of dilemmas and internal conflicts. Helps to work pride and stubbornness. Especially useful for curing mental illnesses and personality disorders. It remedies problems of self-critical self-esteem and blockage of creativity. Helps to recognize own talents. Help addictive personality to make changes. Relieves depression mood.



Cleanses purifies and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration. Root clean spiritual energy and balance all the Chakras. Shamanic stone provides protection during rituals. Re-balance the meridians, cleanse the aura, remove blockages. Intense affinity With deva energies, very beneficial for the garden and plants, it can act as a natural insecticide. Self understanding. Self-confidence reducing fear dispels victimizing feelings draws inspiration compassion tolerance and prosperity. Balance in the hemispheres of the brain transmutes negative thought patterns. Aligns the mental processes the Chakras and the biomagnetic envelope helps to treat paranoia overcome dyslexia and improves hand-eye coordination as well as the assimilation and translation of encoded information. The lateral striations of the tourmaline enhance the energy flow which makes it an excellent stone for healing for the increase of energy and the removal of blockages. Black tourmaline protects against radiation from mobile phones, electromagnetic haze, radiation and psychic attack. (Chakra 1) Root Chakra, Basic.


Black tourmaline with Mica:

(almost all of our national tourmalines have mica) return bad intentions to their source so that the culprit can learn. Especially effective in canceling out electromagnetic haze.


Tourmaline in quartz:

Excellent to neutralize the physical psychic attack strengthens the recipient and enhances their well-being. it has the ability to go beyond dualities and to integrate the shadow into the total personality.



It allows access to knowledge with great practical value. You can channel information related to herbal treatments and holistic remedies. suggests the most holistic action that can be taken and offers guidance on health and wellness issues. Understanding Interaction with Others Resolving past life bondage issues reverses the tendency to martyrdom. shows how to be useful without getting caught up in power struggles or false humility. True self esteem. it teaches to do only what is appropriate and necessary for the growth of the soul of the other guide for the accompaniment. Combine unconditional love with tough love that says enough. Overcoming co-dependency and emotional blackmail resistance after trauma or emotional stress helps addiction or dependency. It amplifies the energy of other crystals and facilitates the transfer of their energies.



Very energizing and regenerating, cleanses and re-magnetizes the Chakras, revitalizes, purifies and balances the energy, brings serenity and passion when appropriate. Protective talisman. Love and devotion. Balancing the sex drive. Ideal for moments of crisis situations in which there seems to be no way out, traumas. It actively strengthens and strengthens the instinct for survival, courage and hope. Pituitary gland. Expanded consciousness. Memories of past lives. Activates other crystals and extends their effect. Cleanses negative energies from the Chakras. Sharpens your perception of yourself and others. Dissolves deeply ingrained behavior patterns, resistance and self-sabotage.


Peridot (olivine):

In ancient times it was used to ward off evil spirits. Protective stone for the Aura. Powerful cleansing effect they release neutralizes toxins on a physical, subtle and mental level. Chakras 3 and 4 (heart and solar plexus). Dissolve burdens, guilt, and obsessions. the peridot teaches that holding on to people or the past is counterproductive. Detachment from external influences, seeking one's own guidance in higher energies. It helps to understand destiny and spiritual purpose. Particularly useful for healers. Helps admit your mistakes and move on, helps take responsibility for your own life, improves relationships.


Stones and Chakras

In another post we will talk about the Chakras in greater depth. Here we will leave a quick guide for the selection of stones according to the Chakras that we are interested in working on in their opening, cleaning and protection.


Upper Crown Chakra: selenite

7 - Crown Chakra: Citrine and White Quartz Amethyst Crystal Quartz

6 - Third eye: sodalite garnet purple florite blue onyx

5 - Throat: amethyst aquamarine tourmaline blue calcite

4 - Heart: rose quartz green quartz peridot chrysocolla

3 - Solar plexus: citrine tiger eye jasper

2 - Sacral: red jasper carnelian calcite orange and citrine

1 - Root Chakra: Chrysocolla Tourmaline Citrine Red Jasper Smoky Quartz

Earth chakra: fire agate, brown jasper, smoky quartz, hematite, tourmaline



Would you like to obtain a Dreamcatcher made especially for you, with the stones that most represent you and could help you?

💖 Don't miss our Collage collection of Dreamcatchers for wall decoration or double 3D Dreamcatchers to hang on the ceiling and rotate freely !! These two models that I propose are the ones that allow us to incorporate a good amount of stones in the design.

Dreamcatcher Collage


Double 3d dreamcatcher



The Crystal Bible - Judy Hall


Thanks for reading us, now tell me about you. What are your favorite crystals? Has this information helped you? Do you have questions? Leave them in the comments. I will answer them all. A cosmic hug

by Monica soriano


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